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Hello and Welcome!

Hi, I'm Ghea. A (happy girl) behind this blog. This is the place where i share a bit about my life journey. All of it, from my ups and down, my win and lose, happiness and sadness. I start writing here since 2010, and this blog has seen me grow since i was on junior high school till today.

This blog really help me to archived a lot of moment in my life, it was like a time machine for me. Where i can go back to my past memories and feel the moment, and it always makes me happy and say thankyou to my 'younger me' for capturing some photos and write a few lines of story that now become a history.

I wrote so many things here, from my daily life as a student, trying to having a lot of friends and experience through external organisation, when i give a challange for myself with joining some competition, my thought on my first time working on real office in the Jakarta, and also how i was balancing my life from woking and studying as a collage student, and not to forget, some of my happy project that become a business, and another things.

And i also wrote the new chapter series when i start getting married on my 20. since that day, this blog not just mine but also my husband's. We agree to share some stories together at this place. Hopefully it can be the place that record my family moment from now and on.

Thankyou for everybody that support me along this journey. For leaving some sweet comment, or just visiting this place and being a silent reader, thankyou!

So, welcome (again) to my happy place. Hope you enjoy having your time here.

If you want to having some chitchat with me, just DM me through instagram @gheaferina or drop some mail on gheasafferina@gmail.com, i always happy to make some friends.


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